JHR frames are our frame of choice. They are of superb quality and are comparable in price to both Stuha and Jawa frames. There are 5 different frame sizes which offer plenty of options for riders of all sizes.

  1. Standard size – Fits all engines 90cc-500cc
  2. Standard length, lower diamond and rear – Fits all engines 90cc-500cc
  3. Medium length & lower diamond, lower rear – Fits engines 90cc-250cc
  4. Short length & lower diamond, lower rear – Fits engines 90cc -201cc
  5. NEW – Short length, smaller lower and smaller lower rear – Fits engines 90cc -201cc
These frames give the rider a better upgrade path without having to replace the whole bike when they get bigger. All frames, except options 4 & 5 can use both full size & junior wheels.
We can also supply 2 stroke frame/bike options-please email for info

Bikes and parts supplied worldwide. Use the contacts page to get in touch or for any enquiries.